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The Spiuk PROFIT Cold&Rain high-performance range is perfect for those times of the year with cool, unstable weather, achieving a perfect balance between breathability and protection against the cold and rain.

PROFIT Aero Men Ultralight Jacket

The Ultralight PROFIT Aero jacket has been designed to offer excellent protection from the wind, cold and even light showers, reducing air resistance to a minimum. Employing bi-elastic materials that provide a perfect anatomical fit and light weight. The garment is very compact, making it ideal for autumn, sunny winter and spring. Temperature range 10º  22º C.  


Made in Europe / Premium European performance fabrics.

Ultralight garment. Mixed construction with SensodryFresh® fabrics and M2V® Ultralight membrane fabrics. Reduced number of flatlock seams for lower air resistance.

Very tight pattern, adapted to coupled postures. Ultra-elastic and resistance fabrics for a perfect anatomical fit. Minimum wrinkles. Easily compressible, ideal for carrying in a jersey pocket.

M2V® Ultralight membrane on front, shoulders and forearms for effective protection against the wind, cold or light showers.

Fabric with SensodryFresh® technology on back and arms, favouring rapid heat and sweat evacuation.

Wide rear opening for easy access to jersey packets.

PROFIT Cold&Rain DWR Gloves

The PROFIT Cold&Rain DWR gloves are made from Thermoroubaix®  DWRfabric. They are very breathable with extraordinary temperature-regulating capacity. Their Durable Water Resistant treatment provides extra protection against the typical off-and-on between-season rains. Their great elasticity and improved pattern ensure exceptional comfort. Temperature range 8º  18º C.


Made from premium Italian performance fabrics.

Gloves made from Thermoroubaix®  DWRfabric. Extraordinary temperature regulation and sweat expulsion.

 Unisex. Very tight-fitting design. Long cuff to tuck in under the sleeve/wristband to ensure complete protection.

DWR Treatment. Durable Water Resistant. Effective protection against light to moderate rain.

Touchscreen technology. Fully interactive with smartphone touchscreens.

Non-slip silicone on the fingers and palms for improved grip.

Reflective trim on the back for greater safety.

PROFIT Cold&Rain Arm Warmers

PROFIT sleeves are ideal when cold weather or rain intensify. Made form Thermoroubaix® fabric, it guarantees rapid evacuation of sweat and effective thermal maintenance.Very breathable, its Durable Water Resistant treatment provides a barrier against rain. Temperature range 8 º  16º C.


Made in Europe / Premium Italian performance fabrics.

Made from Thermoroubaix® 2-layer fabric with flatlock seams. Internal layer from polyester to facilitate sweat evacuation.

Unisex. Tight-fit and anatomic pattern.

DWR Durable Water Resistant treatment integrated in the fabric manufacturing process for greater efficiency and durability.

Internal self-locking zip.

Reflective elements.

TOP TEN Cycling Base Layer T-Shirt

This garment is made with SensodryWarm® and Compression technology. Multi-filament fabric with a Polyester base, optimum for practising sport in the winter. It is also very comfortable on account of its breathability, as its elasticity provides a perfect fit. Its brushed interior finish ensures optimum insulation and thermal stability. Temperature range 5 º  22 º C


Made with Seamless technology, no internal embroidery.

 Very tight pattern designed for cycling.

 Ultra-elastic fabrics with ErgodryFresh® compressive technology wich favours thermoregulation. Catch and break resistant.

 Efficient Stance panel favours correct posture. Increases cyclist' performance by increasing their lung capacity.

 Abdominal Compression panel to prevent abdominal muscle slippage over the medium-long term.

 Evacuation panels strategically distributed on sleeves and back, facilitate heat evacuation.

 Adjustable panels on side to ensure maximum anatomical fit.


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